About Us

The club was officially formed in about the year of our Dog 1997 by a few friendly social dudes who loved riding the uncomplicated trails in and around the Greater Johannesburg region.

Swampdogs is a trail riding club consisting of individuals (this is important) that have one common objective and that is to ride. No fuss, no complications, no egos but plenty of banter, spirit and enthusiasm to take mountain biking to the next level of enjoyment.

The Dog Credo:

We welcome mutts with all size butts

We welcome dogs with 1, 2 or 3 cogs

We welcome bitches that will have us in stiches

We welcome any K9 that doesn’t whine

We welcome the various, the hilarious, the mysterious, the not-so-serious but not the nefarious.

We welcome anyone to the pack who loves single track

Swampdogs live for fun, for great trails and great days out with other hounds.  We are total beginners and experienced riders. Dogs are not big into rules, preppy club kit, heart rates and big egos and we race if we feel like it but often prefer to cruise the far reaches somewhere south of the back of beyond on our trusty two-wheeled steeds.
Swampdogs love riding of all types and although we ride mostly trail bikes, you will spot us on fixies, single-speeds, pimped-out hardtails, road bikes, triathlon bikes, the odd unicycle, riding downhill courses and possibly even doing an impression of a dog on a bicycle in the middle of a pumping dance floor.

The Dogs love free-thinking, fun-loving people, new ideas, mutts with open minds and puppies with a sense of humour.

The Dogs love helping new riders into our sport and we dig riding with the greats.

Dogs dig it all!

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