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Farmasutra 23 November 2013

The Holey Trails in association with the SSWC2012 SScrew and Swampdogs presents Farmasutra : a Single Speed Extravaganza in the heart of the Eastern Free State.

The SScrew 2012 had such a jol organizing the world champs in Winterton we thought it was time for a reunion. Farma Sutra is about no frills, no fuss, no rules (sort of) mountain biking on some great trails that should put a smile on the dial.

All bikes welcome, gears will be taped.

Come be yourself or anyone else you want to be. The party begins an hour before the ride so make sure you’re a ready for all day action.

Some Details

  • Date is the 23rd November, 2013
  • Registration from 7am to 9.30 am, Saturday 23 November
  • Rider briefing at 9.45am
  • Race start time 10am
  • 40km (two laps of 20km) – no categories
  • Men’s and ladies winner will be crowned with something to be delivered by the mountain biking gods.
  • There will be a fully stocked bar as well as a DJ until the sun goes down.  And who knows things may move into vampire mode after dark with extended party hours.
  • All Trails will be open for riding on Friday and Sunday too.
  • Keep up to date with event details by liking the Farmasutra FaceBook page:

The Format

A testy fun +/- 40km (2 laps of 20km) predominantly single track route. There are bail-out options for the not so fit, and there are strange ‘non-water points’ that will entitle you to short cut.

It is a single speed event but we will tape gears up of normal bikes, so all bikes welcome.

The terrain is a mix of pure trail and Eastern Free State sandstone and nothing in between.

Gearing advice for those serious about racing (are there any???):

  • We advise that you add a bigger cog on the back by one or even 2 teeth from what you use on your regular rides.  It’s lots of fun and fricken hard work with not much respite. What breath the climbing does not steal from you, the scenery is sure to take. The downs have lots of freewheeling where gear choice doesn’t matter, but the ups will need some teeth in the rear. 
  • And for those impure enough to own a suspension fork – bring it!  The sandstone could get bumpy without one.

Other things

Single speed has something about it. If you don’t have single speed bike don’t feel intimidated.  We will tape gears and you can experience the vibe.  Ask the farmers of Winterton how cool it was to ride with one gear at the world’s.

 The Holey Trails

Holey Trails

This trail map probably means very little to you but if you study it carefully you will realise there is a massive mountain and there are loads of trails and that if you love mountain biking this is the mountain you will love it on – a lot.

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